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Yes. Even if you are just scheduling a curbside pickup, we need to know you are coming to prepare things for you!


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We ask that all appointments arrive on time for their appointments. During the summer months, many tourists visit or drive through Portsmouth, so we ask you please take weekend and holiday traffic into account.



We only have one requirement: underwear on your bottom half! Most formalwear dresses don't require a bra, however please feel free to bring one with you for modesty, if you prefer. We have robes, shapewear, strapless bras, and pasties available for you!

Our wedding dresses are priced from $1,500 to $8,000 and from size 6 through 24.

Wedding dresses take up to 6 months to come in. Accessories, bridesmaid and mothers dresses take up to 4 months. We've broken it all down for you in our expert fashion timeline. If your wedding is happening sooner than that, there are many other options such as rushing an order or purchasing a sample...your stylist will know exactly what will work for you.

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Yes and no. At your appointment, your stylist will pull dresses for you...which makes for a very relaxing and efficient appointment. But we know that brides want to see all their options too, so we have our inventory online for you to browse through prior to coming in.

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  1. Your bridal appointment is scheduled for 90 minutes.

  2. You are allowed to bring up to 3 special guests with you to your appointment.

  3. To protect our merchandise, no food or drink is allowed.

  4. Please click here to read about our current safety policies & procedures.


During the winter months, it is always our intention to remain open, regardless of inclement weather. Please be aware of the weather forecast prior to your appointment and make plans for your travel accordingly. Regardless of weather, we ask that you make every effort to comply with our cancellation policy and provide sufficient notice if you are unable to attend. If we choose to close due to an impending storm, you will be contacted via phone to reschedule.

Absolutely! We also have WiFi if you want to Skype/FaceTime with someone important who couldn't make it.

For safety and insurance reasons, toddlers and children are not allowed in the salon. We ask that this Child Safety Policy be taken seriously, and communicated to anyone who is invited to your appointment so that they can coordinate plans in advance.


Our main concern is the safety hazards for children in the salon, such as sharp pins, hard surfaces and furniture, falling mannequins, and damaged merchandise. For that reason, infants and babies who are not yet mobile are usually fine, however our goal is to provide an exceptional experience for all of our brides, and we have seen that crying babies and running toddlers can be distracting and ruin a bride's memorable day (also taking into consideration the other brides shopping at the same time who are focusing on making their big decision). Additionally, we know that expecting a small child to be quiet and sit still for over an hour is unreasonable and would not be fun for them at all. Spatially, we cannot accommodate strollers and the salon is not equipped to care for toddlers and children.


We sincerely appreciate your understanding!

Men are certainly allowed in our salon, but to respect other customer's privacy, men are not allowed back in the bridal suites.

Unfortunately, protect all of our merchandise, no food or drink is allowed. But there is a Margaritas right next door if you want to celebrate after!

No, but we an amazing list of seamstresses that we personally recommend from all over New England that we'd be happy to share with you.

Not really, but you can submit your information through our Bridesmaid Order Form. We will contact you to confirm your information and take payment. Please note the most direct way to order is to call us!

It's a collection of dresses or accessories that we don't have in our inventory and is sent to us for a limited period of time. Basically, it's more options to try on, and there's usually an incentive from the designer, too!

Bring it back to us. We can send it out to be cleaned and preserved so you can keep it forever! Click here for more info!

We have cherished our years as a prom destination, helping young women feel confident and beautiful for their proms, but 2020 impacted small businesses in a big way. As a result of that, and with a heavy heart, we will retire our prom and special occasion department, effective June 2021. We would be thrilled to cater to your menswear needs for these types of events within our Suit/Tux department.

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