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Since our gowns range from $1,500-$8,000+, it's important we know the max you want to spend so we don't show you dresses that exceed that amount. Let us know what you're comfortable spending.
Wedding dress sizing is totally different than ready-to-wear. What size dress do you normally wear when purchasing from a place like Banana Republic or Target?
It's kind of an intimate question, but could you let us know your bra size? We'll provide you with one at your appointment, but if you'd rather bring your own, feel free!
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If you provide a link to your Wedding Board on Pinterest, we can see what your wedding inspiration is and this will help us find the perfect dress for you!
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5 or more? Give us a call- we can only comfortably accommodate 4 guests with each bride, but we can sometimes make special accommodations. We definitely understand that you want your most special people to be part of this process, but we've found too many opinions can actually hinder the process. Try to limit your guests to those who truly understand your personal style and the overall vibe of your wedding. Have a really large group you'd like to bring? You might want to consider booking our "Salon is Yours" appointment!
Dresses I've seen and loved, any special requests or accommodations I might need, etc.