Cleaning & Preserving Your Wedding Dress

Cleaning & Preserving Your Wedding Dress

Cleaning & Preserving Your Wedding Dress. Mobile Image

Feb 25, 2021



You’ve said your vows, had your first and last dance, cut the cake and celebrated the most amazing day filled with all your friends and family. You’ve also spilled champagne down the front of your dress, smudged fake tan and mascara all over the lining and dragged the train of your gown through six inches of mud for that perfect photograph; and now your dress looks a little worse for wear. Yikes!


Luckily, Madeleine’s Daughter is here to help! Our dedication to you and your gown doesn’t end when you leave our salon; we want to help keep your gown looking as beautiful as the day you bought it. We work closely with The Wedding Gown Preservation Company to clean and preserve your dress for generations to come.


Drop your gown off at Madeleine’s Daughter anytime during our regular business hours- call ahead to request a drop-off appointment - Don’t forget to bring a few (or a whole lot) of pictures from your wedding so we can swoon over every detail of your wedding day!


When you leave your gown with us, we send it to The Wedding Gown Preservation Company and they clean the gown up to three times using only non-toxic, organic and biodegradable cleaning products. This gets out virtually every kind of stain on your dress, from food and drink to make-up to dirt and grass. Next, non-toxic and organic preservation chemicals are applied to prevent the discoloration and disintegration of your dress that can happen over time if your dress is left untreated. After that, your gown is packaged into a box with a clear window in the front so you can see the bodice of the dress. Finally, it’s shipped directly back to you.


The entire turnaround time is about 4-12 weeks and pricing starts at around $365. There are several packages to choose from and all packages include shipping insurance as well as 3 additional accessories to be included in the cleaning/preservation process (veil, ring pillow, garter, etc.). While shoes and petticoats aren’t included with the basic fee, they can always be added for an additional charge. You can also purchase additional insurance to cover the cost of the gown and accessories.


So have no fear! Your ivory gown will be ivory once more, with a little TLC from Madeleine’s Daughter and The Wedding Gown Preservation Company! 



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