Virtual Appointments


Virtual Appointment Styling

Whether you live further away and want to preview our goods before making the trip, or you’re concerned about being out & about these days (so understandable!), we have options for you! Our Virtual Appointment Service brings our amazing one-on-one personalized styling service right into the comfort of your own home. We offer this service mid-week Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday between 10 AM and 8 PM. Request your appointment below!

We Offer Virtual Versions Of All of our Appointments!

Whether you are shopping for your bridal gown, bridesmaid dresses, finishing touches, mother-of-the-wedding gowns, or even suit/tux rentals, we can help! Our virtual appointments are typically booked for anywhere from 15-90 minutes via Zoom or FaceTime. We schedule time based on your appointment needs. You can invite as many guests as you like to be a part of the appointment. Pop a bottle of champagne and relax in the comfort of your living room while one of our expert stylists guides you through our amazing, personalized appointment service!


And it’s not just for shopping and selecting your items. We also offer measurement appointments to help guide you through the measurement process, which can help ensure a better fit for you!



Here are some basic guidelines for what to expect for each type of appointment:

Bridal Gown Styling: 45 minutes and up to 6 gowns

Bridesmaid Consultation: 30 minutes to review swatches and designers

Bridesmaid Styling: 45-90 minutes depending on how many bridesmaids need to select a style

Finishing Touches: 45 minutes to shop for a veil, headpiece and/or jewelry

Mother’s Gown Styling: 45 minutes and up to 6 dresses

Suit/Tux Styling: 45 minutes and up to 6 looks

Measurement Guide: 10-30 minutes to help guide you through the measurement process

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