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our alterations referral network

AnnaMichelle Worthley

Pittsfield, ME

(207) 313-3974


Seanna Michaud

Pittsfield, ME

(207) 612-6402 | FDLgurl@gmail.com

Martha  Flournoy 

Concord, NH 

(603) 228-1911 marthassewitall02@gmail.com 


Abby Giotas 

Manchester, NH 

(603) 401-1595abigail.giotas@gmail.com 


Maria Giroux* 

Bedford, NH


* Can also tailor menswear 


Ana Hernandez 

Windham, NH 

(978) 401-8542anahernandezbridalsalon@yahoo.com 


Jennean Mason 

Windham, NH 

(603) 818-8025brides@jmasondesign.com 


Jeanne Pelletier* 

Milton, NH 

(603) 652-7776ithinksew.jp@gmail.com 

* Can also tailor menswear 


Irene Hall 

Exeter, NH 

(603) 778-8677theexetertailor@gmail.com 


Denise Shaw* 

Exeter, NH 

(603) 770-2803dniseis@comcast.net 

* Can also tailor menswear 

Magda Aliberti* 

Wakefield, MA 

(617) 913-7514

Can also tailor menswear


Edna Chery 

Methuen/Boston, MA 

(978) 531-1695ednachou58@yahoo.com 


Denise Flaherty 

North Easton MA, 

(508) 272-1562dflaherty2@comcast.net  


Slava Fookson 

Tewksbury, MA 

(617) 678-4796


Janice Goodwin

Middleton, MA 

(978) 790-1164janice@allgoodwins.com 


Even Ni 

Boston, MA 

(617) 965-3486


Patty Sandoval* 

Winchester, MA 

(617) 899-9057pattythetailor@gmail.com 

* Can also tailor menswear 


Lisa Marie Williams 

Marshfield, MA 

(781) 834-9477info@lisamarieboutique.com 


Eleni Zohdi* 

Lowell, MA 

(978) 453-0055elenifashion@gmail.com 

* Can also tailor menswear 

Alterations by Michelle

Branford, CT

(203) 483-9221 (call)

(203) 804-0493 (text)


Beneath the Gown*

Branford, CT

(203) 433-2023   info@beneaththegown.com

*Also offers undergarment fittings


Lee Dumas

Cheshire, CT

(774) 437-1259   ldalterationsct@gmail.com


Bridget Kellogg

New Milford, CT

(203) 364-7556


Melissa Oddo

Higganum, CT

(860) 883-8259   demelisatelier@gmail.com


Margaret Olsen

West Hartford, CT

(860) 402- 0461   sewolsen@gmail.com


Lauren Rush

Waterford, CT

(215) 435-4570


Southport Seamstress- Eileen

Southport, CT

(203) 254-1447


Valentino Tailors

Hamden, CT

(203) 248-2037


Creative Custom Sewing 

Woodstock, VT 

(802) 457-1452andreamgregory2002@yahoo.com 

Should you stray from this list of referrals, we recommend doing a little research to make sure your alterations specialist is the “right fit” to work on your dress. Below is a short list of questions you may want to ask an alterations specialost who is not on this list to be sure they are the best choice.


  1. How long have you been doing bridal alterations?
  2. Are you insured?
  3. What is the location of your studio (in a home, in a business, stand-alone, etc.)?
  4. How many fittings will I need?
  5. What should I budget for the cost of alterations?