8 Non-Traditional Wedding Ideas to Help You Be Bold and Break the Mold

by erika behrmann 

For hundreds of years tradition is passed along from mother to daughter and from father to son: Traditions that help to make weddings celebratory and tried and true, but not necessarily unique. In this day and age it is celebrated to express yourself whether it be by personal style, interesting décor, or accessories that tell a story about your individual persona. Why shouldn’t your wedding be a representation of you and your partner’s individual nature? While holding on to some classic traditions, it can be fun to jazz it up a bit with the things that make you, well, you! Here are 8 non-traditional wedding ideas to help you to celebrate and break the mold.


1. Wedding Dress Style or Color

There are many ways to personalize your dress to make it unique to you, and not something everyone else is wearing. Wedding dresses now come in an array of different colors, even blush or floral prints! Your seamstress can also add straps, cap sleeves, sew a unique beaded or satin belt on, and even put buttons going all the way down the back to the train. If you’re not a dress girl, consider wearing a lacy suit – which can also come in different colors in addition to ivory!

2. Food

Everyone loves a plated dinner, but if that’s not your style there are other ways to make the atmosphere a bit more distinctive or casual. In addition to having a buffet style dinner, you can rent a food truck. Food trucks not only add a fun flair to your affair, but you can choose your favorite food item(s) and even keep it late for when guest are leaving and may want a late night snack after all that dancing. You can have the option of having a food truck all day or just at night, but you can also have a truck to cover the beverage side of things. If your area is known for having craft breweries, this can be a definite option.

3. Customizable rings

Meteorites, alternative gemstones, different shapes, or even the ashes of a loved family member who is no longer with you can be made into a ring that you can wear and always remember. Different metals can also be used and can come at a cheaper cost than gold – like palladium, platinum, steel, titanium, tungsten, copper, ceramic, or even bone or wood can make your ring a statement piece.

4. Separating Ceremony from Reception or Honeymoon

Sometimes you can only do so much in a day. It’s becoming more and more a choice to have the honeymoon be separate from the wedding day all together for many reasons. These reasons can include weather of the time of year, saving up expenses if you paid for your own wedding, or even personal significance. It’s now becoming more common for people to have their own private or intimate ceremony, and save the party of the reception with everyone at a later date (not too much later). Timing isn’t set to certain traditional standards anymore so you can hold each ceremony on your own time and at your own pace.

5. Alternative registries

Who says you need to have a registry from Crate & Barrel? There are so many registry options out there where you can even create a registry that you can add things from anywhere you want! You like BHLDN?  Great! You want that pot set from Macy’s? You got it! Another option is to either have a honeymoon registry in conjunction or by itself. Having help with the honeymoon takes off some of the pressure, and lets your guests know that they are gifting you with memories along with tangible gift items.

6. Signature drink for toast instead of champagne

So you love blueberry lemonade? Obsessed with the Moscow mule? Why not make your favorite drink your toasting drink instead of the traditional champagne? You can tell a story about why you and your groom love the beverage, (or maybe your guests will assume as much). This can also help to decrease the costs compared to pricey (yet delicious!) champagne.

7. Groomspeople & Bridespeople

You’re a bride and have guy friends? Perfect! Add them to your “bridespeople.” You can do the same with the grooms! Who says you can’t have your besties (whether they be a guy or girl) by your side on one of the most important days of your life? Get it girl! (Or guy.)

8. Centerpieces as dessert stations

We all know how expensive centerpieces can get. You see elaborate bouquets or dressed up pumpkins all the time. Why not bring the guest what they really want and have the dessert right at their table? They wouldn’t have to scramble to get a cupcake, or wait for a slice of cake after you cut it and smoosh it in each other’s faces.


So there it is! Eight different ways you can make your wedding unique and special. Who says you can’t make your day the way you want it?  Feel free to take all or some of these ideas while maybe holding on to some traditions if you wish. I won’t tell anyone!