The Benefits of Gown Shopping at Our Sample Sales

The Benefits of Gown Shopping at Our Sample Sales

If you have begun your wedding dress shopping journey, you have probably heard about bridal sample sales and may be wondering what all the buzz is about. Bridal sample sales are temporary events in which boutiques offer a specially priced collection of designer wedding dresses that brides can take home with them the day of! There are many benefits to finding your perfect gown at our one and only sample sale of the year - here’s a rundown of a few you can expect to experience when attending our upcoming sample sale June 9th - 23rd:





In 2022, many brides are buying two wedding dresses, rather than just one, so that they can rock one look during their ceremony, and another during their reception. As much as everyone loves a dramatic costume change, buying two gowns may not be in every bride's initial budget. Our sample sale offer the perfect solution.





A huge benefit of shopping at our bridal sample sales is that these collections are able to be purchased right off-the-rack, which means you get to take your gorgeous wedding dress home with you right away. This is particularly helpful for brides that are shopping in a time crunch, or that just don’t want to wait as long as traditional dress shopping typically calls for. One of the best parts about shopping this Sample Sale is that, as a closed-concept store our gowns are not kept out to browse. This means that they are only handled by stylists, and kept in great condition.



High Quality, Low Cost It is important to recognize that low cost does not equate to low quality when shopping at our bridal sample sales. The wedding dresses you’ll find at our special events are always from renowned bridal designers and constructed from only the most luxurious materials. By building your dream bridal look at a sample sale, you get an amazing deal on a gorgeous gown, without sacrificing quality.


If you’re unsure how to prepare for our Bridal Sample Sale June 9th - 23rd, read our Ultimate Guide to an MD Sample Sale blog to learn more, and book your appointment at Madeleine’s Daughter in Portsmouth, NH, today.