The Ultimate Guide to a MD Bridal Sample Sale

The Ultimate Guide to a MD Bridal Sample Sale

In recent years, we have offered a summer Sample Sale here at Madeleine’s Daughter, which is always super fun for us! We love hosting this sale because it allows us to offer our brides a wedding dress directly off the rack at a discount price. This is the perfect option for those on a tighter budget or with a shorter timeline, and it's a great chance to try on designer dresses at a more affordable price!


Since our sample sale is a little different from your typical wedding dress shopping experience, we've come up with a few tips for you!







Sample sales are when bridal boutiques sell their designer sample gowns. An off-the-rack dress can be bought at a heavily discounted price. During this sale, we will be offering wedding dresses from our collection up to 70% off. These sample dresses are gowns that have already been tried on and come in a variety of designers, sizes, and prices.


And it’s important to note that sample dresses are not limited to one size! We find that many brides have this misconception of a sample sale and therefore don’t join us for these events because they don’t expect many sizes. Fortunately, we offer a wide variety for our beautiful customers.





Due to the lack of additional fabric and embellishments, off-the-rack dresses typically cost less than their salon counterparts. One of the best parts about shopping this Sample Sale is that, as a closed-concept store our gowns are not kept out to browse. This means that they are only handled by stylists, and kept in great condition.





As this sample sale is by-appointment, each customer WILL have the MD experience, with options to upgrade their appointment, too! That’s one of the reasons this sample sale is so extremely special – each customer who books an appointment will not only receive the same attention and experience as our traditional appointments, but they get to shop at dresses up to 70% of their original price.





We highly recommend that our brides go through our website to get an idea of which designers they love. By using our “In-Stock” filter on our website, you can browse the designers and the dresses that we carry in store ahead of time. Once you arrive at the sample sale, you'll know exactly what to look for!





On the day of the sample sale, you should wear an easy-to-get-in and easy-to-get-out outfit. It's not necessary for you to wear heels, as we have pedestals in each suite ready to create the illusion of a heeled shoe without risking a fall while you're getting in and out of each dress. If you want a better idea of how the gown will look, you can bring heels along, but it's not essential. As far as hair and makeup go, we don't recommend getting it professionally done just for a sample sale, but we do recommend coming in with a more complete look so that you can get your mind around it. It's also great for boosting your confidence when you're shopping for an important look!





Bringing a big group to a sample sale isn't a good idea. We recommend you bring 3-4 people with you. We suggest bringing loved ones that support you and the vision you have in mind for your wedding day! And, keep in mind, the more people, the more opinions - each bride is different, so think about the kind of energy you want to invite into your suite!



If you have any further questions about any of our sample sales, please don’t hesitate to contact us! And if you’re ready to find the perfect wedding gown, book an appointment with us today! Stay tuned for any upcoming sales on our events page.