Upgraded Appointments are Back at MD 🥂 Starting 7/1 Main Image

Upgraded Appointments are Back at MD 🥂 Starting 7/1


June 21 - 30


"You Can Sip With Us" - Available starting 7/1

Appointment Type: Upgraded Bridesmaid Styling Appointment
Description: Shopping for bridesmaid dresses is an amazing experience you get to share with your #BrideTribe. Make it memorable when you upgrade from our standard Bridesmaid Appointment to a You Can Sip With Us Bridesmaid Appointment! With this upgrade, you, your bridesmaids, and 2 additional adult guests can rent out our entire Bridesmaids Department for 90 minutes while you work with a personal stylist to nail your wedding day vision. We’ll kick this truly pampered and personalized appointment off with some BABE Sparkling Rosé chilled and waiting for you, and we suggest continuing the party at one of the great restaurants in Downtown Portsmouth after your girls say “Yes”!
Price: $75
Where this is featured on the website: Ideally, we would love to build out a tab labeled "Upgraded Appointments" under the "Appointments" header on the website. If that's not possible, or if it more makes sense to add a "Request bridesmaid Appointment" under the Bridesmaid header to mirror our Suit/Tux Set up, please let me know!

"Bros & Brews" - Available starting 7/1

Appointment Type: Upgraded Suit/Tux Measurement Appointment
Description: Any day can be for the boys when you schedule a Bros & Brews measurement appointment. Get your ‘gents together for an appointment they’ll be happy to attend, complete with a bucket of ice-cold beer, assorted bar snacks, and full control over the remote. While each groomsman is getting measured by one of our expert stylists, the rest can catch up, sip, and snack on our comfortable couch. These appointments are offered during our regular store hours.  
Price: $75
Where this should be featured on the website: This should be featured on the Suit/Tux Appointment Request Page, as well as the "Upgraded Appointment" tab once we build it out.

"Salon is Yours" Upgraded Bridal Appointments are back!

The store will be opened exclusively for you while you shop for your wedding gown!

Learn more about our "Salon is Yours" appointments.