The Ultimate Guide to Bridal Veils

The Ultimate Guide to Bridal Veils

The Ultimate Guide to Bridal Veils. Mobile Image

May 11, 2021

Nothing gives that unmistakable bridal look like a veil—no matter the shape or style, it just adds a final touch unlike any other accessory. And besides, when else in your life do you get to wear a veil? The right veil can add romance, drama, or glamour to your dress, elevating your look without overpowering the beauty of your wedding dress. Plenty of brides have no idea where to start when looking for the right veil, so today on the blog we’re breaking down some of the most popular types of veils. 



Perfect for brides with a unique vintage flair, birdcage veils cover part of the bride’s face and sit close to the head. Often, these styles are made of netting with a few embellishments. This style works beautifully with short or tea length dresses. 



Like a birdcage, flyaways give a vintage look and work great with shorter hem lengths. This cut typically ends at the shoulders, creating a breezy look (hence the name “flyaway”). If you’re looking for something traditional with a little volume that won’t be in your way at all, this is it. 


bride wearing a veil


Elbow-length veils

Like the name suggests, this veil ends at your elbows. Classic, romantic, and universally flattering, this veil style works with most dress silhouettes. 


Ballet Veils

If you love the ethereal, flowing grace of a long veil, but are worried about it getting in the way—find a ballet veil. This style comes to knee or mid-calf, so you have all of the length without any of the hassle. 


bride smiling while wearing her veil


Chapel Length

Classic and timeless, a chapel length veil reaches the floor and often has a slight train. This style looks incredible on boho brides (just keep in mind any potential wind if you’re getting married outdoors!) and adds a stunning, dreamlike look to your wedding dress.


Cathedral Length

Looking for drama? The cathedral length is it! A long, gorgeous train extends behind you with this style. If you’re looking for intricate lace or want to make a statement on your walk down the aisle, the cathedral does just that. 


Bride holding her veil as she looks in the mirror


A few pro-tips to keep in mind when veil shopping:

  • Photo opportunities — Photographers love using veils for pictures! No matter what style you choose, each has its own unique photo opportunities, from close-ups with a birdcage to dramatic, landscape shots with cathedral length. 
  • Embellishments — If your dress has plenty of lace or shimmer, you may want to find a simple veil to keep the attention on your dress. Similarly, if your dress is sleek and understated, a veil could be the perfect way to add a hint of lace or sparkle. 
  • Your hairstyle — Have a hairstyle in mind for your wedding day? Consider how your veil will sit on your hair! This might change your opinion on which veil will work best for you. 

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