Renting Suits & Tuxedos through MD

Renting Suits & Tuxedos through MD

Here at Madeleine’s Daughter, we’re proud to carry the most diverse and largest selection of tuxedos and suits in New England! It’s our goal to make you look great on your special day. We can carry any style we want, unlike nationwide chains that can only carry certain brands. Featuring over 50 styles from designers like Michael Kors and Erik Lawrence, we've got everything you'll need.


Every suit and tuxedo we sell is 100 percent customizable, both in style and fit! You can completely make your own style with jackets, ties, vests, pants, shirts, and shoes. Plus, each piece is picked based on individual body measurements, so everyone looks fantastic. It's one of the major benefits of renting instead of buying a one-size-fits-all suit!



The most important factor that differentiates us from other stores, however, is the emphasis we put on providing one-on-one attention from our expert stylists who are genuinely passionate about your wedding! With us, you will have a fun and effortless experience. Whether it's picking out what to wear, making sure everything fits right, or coordinating out-of-town groomsmen, our stylists can help! Our goal is to make sure you're happy with your suits and our service, so you won't have to worry about anything last minute. Our team works harmoniously to make sure everyone looks great. 


This process is simple! First of all, it’s important to note that Madeleine's Daughter Brides get 10 percent off everyone else in their party and a free* partner rental for your wedding weekend! Even if your bride didn’t get her gown with us, your tux is still free of charge if you book at least five more tuxes or suits with us.


Renting with us at Madeleine’s Formal is the perfect choice because it’s easy! All you have to do is pick your style, send your measurements, and we’ll put together exactly what you need for your special occasion. Get started today! 

*Please note that the free rental does not include shoes, and some additional fees may apply.