Mix & Match Bridesmaids Dresses Tips

Mix & Match Bridesmaids Dresses Tips

In the last few decades, bridesmaid fashion has evolved significantly. It's great to see this progress, isn't it? Traditionally, bridesmaids wore the same dress, but nowadays, that isn't the case. Today, bridesmaids dresses can be mixed and matched according to their preferences, personalities, and styles! Nonetheless, if you don't handle it properly, it can present some challenges. Our team is ready to assist you with mixing and matching bridesmaid dresses. The following methods are great options for mixing and matching bridesmaid dresses: 


Different Styles, Same Colors

Jenny Yoo 


This option for bridesmaids dresses is perfect for brides who want to maintain some synchronicity with their bridal party while also allowing them the opportunity to wear something they feel the most beautiful and comfortable in! Your bridesmaids will appreciate the freedom to pick a silhouette that fits their style while still matching your color scheme.


Different Colors, Same Dress




Wearing the same dress in a variety of colors is totally possible! Don't make colors compete with each other, just make sure they complement. And the colors are up to you! You can choose from a variety of colors from your wedding palette for this style.


Different Dress Colors & Styles


Sorella Vita 


Brides who want to go all out can let their bridesmaids choose both the colors and styles they feel most comfortable in! For each dress, use different colors within the same color family, but make sure they complement each other. You can even choose dresses that are made of the same fabric! 

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