Introducing: Amsale Bridesmaids @ MD!

Introducing: Amsale Bridesmaids @ MD!

Introducing: Amsale Bridesmaids @ MD!. Mobile Image

Jan 16, 2024

At Madeleine's Daughter, we're all about making your wedding dreams come true, and we're over the moon to announce the newest addition to our family – Amsale Bridesmaids! Now, not only can you indulge in their stunning bridal collection and find the perfect evening wear for Mom, but you can also deck out your squad in the chicest bridesmaid dresses ever.


So, why did we fall head over heels for Amsale? Let us count the ways:


Endless Colors to Swoon Over!

We believe every bridal party is unique, just like each of your beautiful friendships. Amsale gets that, and that's why their bridesmaid dresses are available in a jaw-dropping array of 15+ colors! From dreamy pastels to bold pops of color – think muted mauves to fiery lipstick red – your squad is bound to find the hue that speaks to their souls.



Chic & Elegant Silhouettes

Picture this: Your bridesmaids gliding down the aisle in styles Sierra & Ever, turning heads with every step. Amsale brings chic and elegant silhouettes that are ready-to-wear and totally on trend. These new shapes will have your 'maids feeling like runway models, and who doesn't want that?



Luxe Fabrics for a Touch of Glam

Amsale bridesmaids introduce a game-changer – faille fabric. It's the epitome of luxe, offering lightweight structure and a grosgrain feel. Styles Sonia & Rene are rocking this fabric, giving your bridal party a subtle yet stunning texture. Trust us, you'll be swooning.



Mix & Match Mania!

We get it – every bridesmaid is unique, and so are their style preferences. Amsale understands the beauty of mix and match, and their dresses play oh-so-well with Jenny Yoo styles. So, when you step into Madeleine's Daughter, you're stepping into a wonderland of mix & match opportunities!



Excited? We thought you might be! The real fun begins when you book an appointment with us. Picture yourself surrounded by an extensive collection of dresses, curated to perfection. Your dream bridal party look is just a click away.