Bridesmaids Dresses Based on Your Wedding Vibe

Bridesmaids Dresses Based on Your Wedding Vibe

A bridesmaid's dress isn't just another wedding detail to consider. Wedding aesthetics, taste, theme, and vibes are greatly influenced by the bridesmaids' look and style. In fact, the bridesmaids' overall look can tell a lot about your wedding theme, your color scheme, and the overall mood you want to convey. 


In order to make choosing your bridesmaid dresses slightly easier, we have rounded up our favorite bridesmaid styles and grouped them by wedding themes. So whether you want the traditional matching bridesmaid dresses or prefer to follow the recent mismatched bridesmaid dresses trend, keep scrolling!


Boho bridesmaid dresses

There is nothing more bohemian than soft color palettes, flowy fabrics, lace details, and laid-back hairstyles. Adding these bohemian style elements to your bridesmaids' looks will give them a bohemian vibe!


Jenny Yoo



Minimalist styles

A minimalist bridesmaid dress is the perfect choice for a modern wedding with a simple or toned-down aesthetic. It's easy to achieve a sophisticated look with minimalist bridesmaid dresses without using excessively feminine details. By using clean fabrics and figure-flattering silhouettes, these designs emphasize the gown's structure and fit. A jumpsuit would be perfect for this! 





All-black looks

Wedding guests often wear black, but bridesmaid dresses are increasingly wearing black as well. There is something timeless and chic about black that pleases everyone, complements every body shape and is easy to wear. Brides and bridesmaids alike are opting for it more and more these days!


Sorella Vita

STYLE 9648


Pops of Color

When in doubt, bright and colorful bridesmaid dresses are a great way to match your wedding theme while reflecting your festive mood. The looks of your bridesmaids will certainly be unique and fun! 


Hayley Paige Occasions

STYLE 52153


Muted and earthy tones

Colors such as nude, muted, and neutral are the latest fashion trend. Pick dress styles with intricate details or high-quality fabric to make earthy color palettes, beiges, and ivory hues pop and stand out.


Sorella Vita

STYLE 9646


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