Feb 28, 2020

Reason #337 that we operate as a closed-concept* store: we know not everyone is a sample size.


Let’s explain:


It’s important for us to have the largest inventory of bridal gowns in New England because that means that when you join us for an appointment you are going to have the widest selection of gown styles to try on. In order to offer our brides this range of styles, we carry one sample of each dress so that spatially we can accommodate the volume of dresses in our bridal closet. There are exceptions, of course, when a dress is just so perfect that we need to offer it in plus size, too.

Since we (typically) only carry one of each sample, that means we just have one size for our brides to try on. The most common sizes sampled are bridal sizes 10 or 12, with outliers on either end. These samples sizes can be tried on by most, but rarely do they fit perfectly. You read that correctly; most of our samples are going to be a little big or a little snug on you, and that’s perfectly normal. So how in the world are you supposed to say yes to a dress that doesn’t fit?


You need the help of your stylist, some creative clip-work, and tricks that we’ve learned after being in business nearly 45 years!


If the sample is too loose: Clips! We use protective fabric to ensure our samples aren’t harmed (snagged, pulled, indented) and clip your dress taught to your body so that you can have a clear vision of what your dress will look like when it’s the right size for you. Your stylist will let you know if any detailing on the gown will change by ordering a smaller size, as they are all experts in these specific gowns.




If the sample is too snug: Tricks! Snug samples are very common, so we have a few tricks up our sleeve to make you feel incredibly comfortable and stress-free throughout your dress shopping experience. After all, just because a dress may not be in our store in your size doesn’t mean that it’s not the perfect gown for you! Our expert stylists will always select dresses based off of the style you are looking for and the price-point you designate, rather than if the floor sample will fit or not.




When it comes time to order the dress, your stylist will take your measurements and compare them to the designer’s size chart with you. Each designer sizes their gowns differently, so we want to make sure we specifically look chart for the dress you chose, rather than considering a size you may have previously ordered for a friend or family members wedding. Our stylists won’t choose your size for you, but a great way to think about your size selection is that you are ordering a base size to fit your curviest body parts, and from there the rest of the gown can be taken in and molded to you through your alterations process. A wedding dress can typically be taken in up to three sizes, but seam allowance to let them out isn’t always guaranteed.


We hope this helps you feel a little more comfortable and confident going in to your bridal appointment! If you’re ready to book yours, please feel free to give us a call at (603)431-5454 or click here to reserve your experience online!


* Closed Concept: this means that our gowns are kept in a private bridal closet, and are not out on the floor to browse.