What to Know When Shopping for Your Mother of the Bride Dress

What to Know When Shopping for Your Mother of the Bride Dress

While the months leading up to your daughter’s wedding are spent focused on her, planning each and every detail (as they should be!), it’s important not to forget to give yourself time to find your perfect Mother of the Bride dress. You want to find a gorgeous dress that reflects how important the day is. After all, your little girl is getting married, and you’re celebrating one of her biggest life milestones! For the mom shopping for her perfect dress, we’re sharing our best advice.






One of the biggest keys while shopping for your dress is giving yourself enough time to find the right dress. Generally, we recommend giving yourself 6-8 months to shop for the right dress. You want enough time to find a dress you love and get any necessary alterations before the big day, so that your dress fits perfectly for the wedding. 

Stay Open-Minded


One of the biggest keys while shopping is remaining open-minded to dresses you may not have initially considered. You may have your heart set on a certain silhouette or color, only to realize you don’t love it as much in person—or you may find yourself pleasantly surprised by a dress you weren’t sure about! Finding the right dress can be tough, which is precisely why we have a Mother of the Wedding Specialist. For mothers, booking an appointment with our resident specialist Annemarie means you’ll have an expert eye helping you find a dress for the wedding to flatter you perfectly and complement the wedding’s aesthetic.






Once you’ve found that perfect dress, you’ll likely want to get a few alterations to ensure the dress is perfect for the big day! Anything from hemming the dress to removing sleeves could be something you need done prior to the wedding. This is why timing is so key: alterations typically take around two months, as you’ll need to come in for multiple fittings to ensure the dress fits perfectly. 

Bring A Friend


One of our best tips? Make a day of it! Bring a friend (or, if you want, your daughter!) and make your appointment a fun outing rather than a stressful shopping trip. Having someone you know and love with you will be a great way to get a second opinion on your dress, have someone to help you relax, and to make your appointment more enjoyable. Grab lunch before or after, and make the entire day a fun memory rather than just a shopping appointment!



If you’re searching for the perfect dress for your daughter’s wedding, book an appointment for our upcoming Jade Couture Trunk Show. From October 28th through November 8th, we’re hosting Jade Couture, meaning you’ll be able to shop a wider selection of dresses from this designer. Jade Couture’s designs are chic, simple, and timeless, perfect for the mother dreaming of a classically elegant gown. Book your mothers appointment with us at Madeleine’s Daughter, and our expert staff will help you find the perfect Mother of the Bride dress.