What Goes Into A Wedding Dress Budget

What Goes Into A Wedding Dress Budget

What Goes Into A Wedding Dress Budget. Mobile Image

Jun 09, 2022

Here at MD, we like to be as transparent as possible with our clients because we value trusting relationships. Prior to any shopping appointment, we'll have you fill out a Profile with various questions that will cover a breadth of information about your wedding. Since our gown prices range from $1,500 to over $8,000, one of the most important questions we ask for is your gown budget. But that’s really just a piece of the puzzle when it comes to budgeting for your head-to-toe look.


Although we might be asking for the gown budget specifically, it’s important that you plan for the other elements of your attire including your accessories (veil, jewelry, undergarments, headpiece, shoes, etc.) as well as the cost of alterations and your gown aftercare. Many of our brides want to know what to plan on spending for each of these things, so today’s blog post is all about that!


Let's start with the accessories you'll wear with your gown. From head to toe, there are lots of details to consider. A great rule of thumb is to plan on spending half the cost of your wedding gown on the remaining accessories:








Veils can cost anywhere from $350 to over $1,000 depending on the length and detail involved in creating it. The longer the veil, and the more intricate the design, the more expensive it can be.


A headpiece can range pretty dramatically as well, but in our shop the prices start around $150 and go all the way up to around $1,200. Why such a difference? Well, some of our collection includes statement pieces that are heirloom quality (think: stunning tiaras à la royal weddings). Even if bling isn’t your thing and you’re having your florist make a flower crown, or something organic to put in your hair, you should still budget at least a few hundred dollars.


Jewelry is one of our favorites to talk about because it’s the one piece of your wedding day attire that you’ll actually be able to wear again and again. Think about pulling out your wedding day earrings every year on your anniversary, or for special occasions like New Years Eve. Many brides like wearing family jewelry as well, which can sometimes be a nice savings, and also have great sentimental value. It’s also a great excuse to have your fiancé/e treat you to a special new piece, so be sure to plant that seed ASAP!


Undergarments and shoes are the accessories that aren’t always seen, but the role they play in helping you look amazing is just as important so you'll want to have these sorted before your first alterations appointment with a seamstress. This brings us to our next topic: budgeting for alterations!



While every seamstress is different and will have her own pricing, we always recommend that brides budget between $500 and $900 for standard alterations. If you’re having any custom work done, such as creating a sleeve or altering the look of a neckline, you’ll want to budget a little more.

PRO TIP: Always ask your seamstress if steaming the gown is included in the price of the alterations- some seamstresses include it, while others charge a little extra.


And lastly, there’s the expense of Gown After-Care, also known as cleaning and preservation. Your gown will be pretty dirty by the end of the night, especially if any part of your wedding day is spent outdoors. Gown cleaning and preservation not only restores the gown back to its original pristine condition, it also treats the fabric in such a way that it delays the overall yellowing and decaying of the fabric over time. This cost is usually around $350-$400.


So, let’s add it all up! Assuming you spend about $2,500 for your wedding gown, here’s the breakdown of the remaining costs to consider:


Gown: $2,500

Accessories: $1,250

Alterations: $500

Gown After-Care: $350

Total: $4,600


Don’t be scared by that number. Although it might be a bit higher than you might have originally thought, remember these items aren't "just for one day" - you will look back on these photos and videos for a lifetime! When you do, you’ll never regret looking perfectly priceless. #worthit