Suit & Tux: Fall/Winter wedding inspo

Suit & Tux: Fall/Winter wedding inspo

With fall and winter approaching, it's time to embrace the cozy vibes and rich colors that these seasons bring! If you're a groom or groomsman preparing for a fall or winter wedding, look no further than Madeleine's Daughter for all your style inspiration. In this blog post, we'll explore some stunning suit and tuxedo ideas that will make you look dashing and feel confident on the big day.


Embrace Rich Colors:

When it comes to fall and winter weddings, there's no shortage of beautiful color palettes to choose from. Move away from the traditional black and consider deep blues, elegant grays, or even rich burgundy for a touch of sophistication. We offer a wide range of fabric options and customizations to help you find the perfect color and style that suits your personality.





Luxurious Fabrics:

Fall and winter weddings provide an opportunity to experiment with luxurious and heavier fabrics that exude warmth and elegance. Consider fabrics like velvet, tweed, or wool blends to add depth and texture to your suit or tuxedo. These materials not only look stylish but also provide insulation for those cooler temperatures.





Textured Accessories:

To complete your fall or winter wedding look, pay attention to the accessories. Choose textured ties, bow ties, or pocket squares in autumnal hues to add visual interest to your ensemble. Consider accessories made from silk, velvet, or wool for that extra touch of luxury.


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Attention to Detail:

Remember, the little details make a big impact. Don't be afraid to experiment with unique cufflinks, lapel pins, or personalized embroidery if you’ve purchased your own suit (unless you’re renting with us, of course). These small touches can add personality to your outfit and make it truly your own. 


Fall and winter weddings offer an opportunity to infuse warmth, depth, and sophistication into your wedding attire. Madeleine's Daughter is here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring you look your best on the special day. So, embrace the magic of fall and winter, and get ready to make a statement with your wedding ensemble!