Mar 24, 2020


Photo: Eric McCallister Photography


Planning a wedding is incredibly exciting, but we also know it can incite some stress. If you’re a Spring/Early Summer 2020 bride, you’re experiencing that stress on another level because, let’s be real, life just handed you some sour lemons. If you have had to make some tough decisions regarding your wedding, or if your celebration has already been impacted by the pandemic our world is experiencing, we are so sorry. However, if your wedding date is a little further in the distance, you may feel paralyzed by uncertainty - do you keep planning? Do you push out your wedding date? How will you let your guests know what you choose to do?


Though we aren’t wedding planners here at MD, we boast that when you become a part of the #MDBrideTribe you gain access to the guidance of our expert stylists throughout your entire wedding process, not just the shopping portion. We took time to compile the most useful information for the brides on the fence, and hope that this can help you make the best decisions for your celebration:


  1. Our first piece of advice: Breathe. Information is changing daily, so keep in mind we can only work with what we know in this moment. It’s important to use your energy wisely. Your friends and family will likely try to help and keep you updated on the latest news articles, because they love you, so kindly ask them to remain as calm as you aim to be.

  2. A productive secondary step is to gather your vendor/venue contracts. Take a read through and see if they have policies in place for such a circumstance. Currently, the CDC has recommended no gatherings of more than 10 people through mid-May (keep in mind, this is subject to change). If your wedding date falls within a week or two on either end of May 15, 2020, it would be wise to contact the vendors/venue you’re working with to see where they currently stand, and ask them to keep you updated. File these contracts in a designated area as you’ll want to refer to these as time goes on and we have more information.

  3. If your wedding is June 1, 2020 and beyond, the advice right now is to keep planning! Your date falls past the 8-week ban currently in place, and your event should have the green light. Phew! With that said, it’s important to stay informed with CDC updates as time passes. Reach out to your venue/vendors 60 days out from your date (typically when final deposits are due) to see where they stand, and what precautions they’ll be taking when they re-open to keep guests healthy, etc.

  4. Communicate your plans with your guests once you have made decisions. If you have chosen to keep things as is, it’s important to let them know they should still keep that date marked in their calendar. However, it may be a good idea to send another round of RSVP’s to make sure your head count is accurate. You can support a local stationary business and send them via snail mail, or send them virtually online.

    If you have chosen to postpone your date, there is zero shame in that! Let your guests know your new date ASAP so they can mark their calendars/change travel plans well in advance. Here are some gorgeous ways to share the news with your loved ones.

  5. Know at the end of the day, our current global climate doesn’t change the love that you and your partner feel for each other. You will still marry the love of your life. You will still wear that beautiful dress you said Yes to with us. You will still have a celebration, no matter what the date is.


We hope this helps you feel a little more at ease, and if you need extra guidance in making your wedding planning decisions, The Knot is offering assistance by email at or by phone at (833)998-2865.