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Dec 26, 2019



Did you know that December is the most popular month for engagements? With that said, we figured there was no better time to offer some industry-insider guidance to the brides who said YES to their forever person over this holiday season, but aren’t quite sure where to start when it comes to the wedding planning process. Here are 5 simple steps to get moving in the right direction. . .


1. Enjoy your engagement!


Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to start planning right away if you don’t care to. You just had an incredibly exciting life event happen, and you should soak it all in for as long or as short of a time as you’d like. If you want to take a few months or even a few years to enjoy your new title of “fiancé” you are entitled to do just that. Celebrate with family and friends, daydream a little, and when it feels right start your planning.


via Instagram

via Instagram


2. Identify Your Budget


Though it’s not the most glamorous part of planning, it is necessary to know what your wedding budget is before any contracts are signed or shopping takes place. Are you and your partner funding the whole event, or are there family members/loved ones who are offering to pitch in? Once you have your number, identify what your non-negotiables are as a couple. For example, your partner may not want to budge on the open bar, and your top priority is having a band vs. a DJ. Know and agree on what’s important and make sure those features can be achieved with the number you set.

3. Get to Pinning! (< 1 year prior to wedding date)


Okay, you’re ready to start planning… but what comes first? In our opinion, it’s the venue. The venue is important for two reasons: it determines your aesthetic and your actual wedding date, based on the venues availability. As your pinning on Pinterest or dog-earing pages in a magazine, focus on the vibe of the images you’re drawn to; do you gravitate towards rustic and nature-inspired, or metropolitan and modern? Where geographically do you want your wedding to take place, and is the season important to you and your partner? Start noting these things, as they will be the backdrop to your special day, and compile a list of your likes and must-haves. Once you have that list, you can search online or partner with a wedding planner/coordinator to identify a venue that fits your aesthetic and timeline preferences.


4. Will You Be My Bridesmaid? (<1 year-9 months prior to wedding date)


Now that you have your wedding date and venue set in stone, it’s time to start completing another piece of your wedding puzzle: the bridal party! Not only does this help you to solidify the vision of what your wedding day will look like, but it allows you to identify the friends or family members who you can delegate portions of the planning process to if need be. Though not required, over the last few years brides have gotten really creative and sentimental with their bridesmaid proposals, and some of our favorites are listed here if you want a little more inspiration!


Photo: Ashley Helen Photography

Photo: Ashley Helen Photography

5. Say Yes to the Dress (<9 months prior to wedding date, as gowns can take ~6 months to arrive once ordered, and alterations can take ~3 months)

The part we have all been waiting for: it’s time to find your dream dress! When you’re deciding where to shop it’s important to find out three things prior to selecting your salon(s):
- The store’s price range - does it fit your outlined budget?

- The store’s appointment policy - are they required?
- The designers they carry - are they an off-the-rack store, or special order?


Once you find a salon that fits your needs and it’s time to shop, you may have a lot of interest from your friends and family to join you. We encourage our brides to bring the most important people with them during their shopping appointment, while keeping in mind that the more people you bring will mean more opinions. Be sure to invite those whose opinions are crucial for your decision making, knowing that other close friends and family can always come back during a future appointment to accessorize your dress or accompany you to your fittings if you’d rather a small group.


Above all else, when it comes to shopping for your dress, it’s a time to keep an open mind and have fun! Don’t worry if a dress you loved online isn’t living up to it’s expectations in person, and instead find the dress that looks and feels the best on you! Eliminate the stress, and allow yourself to fully enjoy the experience. If you’re ready to start shopping, we would love to host you and your guests for your most memorable shopping experience! Feel free to give us a call at (603)431-5454 or use our 24/7 Online Bridal Booking to reserve your appointment with us!