Nov 22, 2018

Name: Kristin

But my friends call me: Kris

When did you start working at MD?

The day after my birthday in July of 2011.

Describe your personal style in one sentence:

Comfortable. If I’m not comfy I’m a grump!

Who are you style icons?

Audrey Hepburn. “Beauty is being the best possible person you can be.”

Which accessory can you not leave home without?

Is nail polish an accessory? Because my nails have to be on fleek!


What makes you feel the most confident?

A bold lipstick! When I have the right lippy on I feel so powerful!

Which emerging trend are you living for right now?

I live in these wide-leg jumpsuits! They make it so easy to get ready. Also, they’re so comfy!

What is your go-to store for when you need a cute outfit in a pinch?

Honestly, right now I can’t bring myself to spend too much. I always change my mind, so Target or Old Navy are my jam! I’m just not that fancy.


What is the soundtrack of your life:

“I Like it Like That” by Cardi B (love that grrrrrrl)


Where can we find you on your day off:

On the beach with my rescue pup Charlie and hubby Matt!


Favorite Portsmouth restaurant and what you order… ready.. GO:

The Green Elephant - they make the most bomb Pad Thai!


What is your favorite part about your job:

Trying on the dresses… duh!