Our Top Mother of the Bride Shopping Tips

Our Top Mother of the Bride Shopping Tips

Our Top Mother of the Bride Shopping Tips. Mobile Image

May 20, 2021

Finding the perfect Mother of the Bride dress can be stressful—after all, most people hear “Mother of the Bride” and instantly think of conservative, lace sheaths and jackets—but finding the dress to celebrate your daughter’s wedding is actually quite fun! Mothers aren’t limited to matronly styles anymore; you’ll find fashion forward options and modern elegance among our gorgeous selection of evening gowns. If you’re unsure where to start when looking for a great Mother of the Bride dress, here are a few of our favorite pointers when shopping:


Don’t Procrastinate


It’s easy to get so caught up in helping your daughter plan her wedding and get all the details just right that you forget to take a little time to focus on yourself. Don’t procrastinate on finding a dress! You’ll want a few months for the dress to come in and to get alterations so that you feel your best on the day of the wedding. We think the best time to find your dress is after the bride has found hers and the bridesmaids dresses (or at least the colors) have been chosen, so you know what type of look the wedding will have. 


Listen to the Bride


It’s her wedding, so if she has any opinions on what you should wear, take that into account while shopping. Some brides may want to be heavily involved in your dress choice, while others have no opinion at all. The bride may have a specific color in mind or perhaps a certain style, so it’s best to ask if she has any opinions before you go shopping. Even if you’re unsure about what she has in mind, try it on—you may be pleasantly surprised! 


Consider the Date and Venue


The biggest key in choosing your dress is considering how it will look on the day of. You wouldn’t want to show up to a black tie wedding in a sundress, and you wouldn’t want to show up to a beach wedding in long sleeves. Take cues on how formal or informal you should go based on the venue and the bride’s choices, then think about how comfortable you’ll be in the weather (especially if your daughter’s planning an outdoor wedding!). 


Take Inspiration from the Wedding Party


You don’t need to match the bridal party unless the bride asks you to. The main key is to choose a color that won’t clash with the bridesmaids so that you don’t stand out in pictures. If the bridesmaids are in a light green, you might want to choose a deep emerald or a soft gold; if the bride has chosen purple, perhaps you’ll go with a soft blue or navy to go with the general look of the bridal party without being too matchy-matchy. 


Talk to the Mother of the Groom


Traditionally, the Mother of the Groom waits to buy her dress until after the Mother of the Bride has chosen hers. While you don’t need to keep to this tradition, it’s best to communicate with the Mother of the Groom about your shopping choices—that way, you don’t choose the same color (unless this is what the bride wants) or accidentally choose the same dress. If the bride wants you to wear complementing colors, or if the two of you just want to complement each other for pictures, be sure to communicate about your choices.


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