May 16, 2019

Many of us Bridal Stylists have been working at the salon for 4+ years and we’ve seen different bridal gown trends and collections and tester gowns and colors of bridesmaid dresses, veils and headpieces come the through our door. We look at dresses on the runway from the designers we carry to buy for our store. But do bridal trends on the runway coincide with what brides want for their wedding day? 

The easy answer? Yes and no. Bridal gowns getting into the collection come from some trial and error by the designers, but also from looking to see what brides are searching for. I went on a buying trip to Essense of Australia a couple years back and I was able to see first-hand how they find out what is trending and what to put in their collection by what brides are searching for on google, Pinterest, or other media platforms. 

They can also see what works by putting out tester gowns at trunk shows. We have many trunk shows throughout the year where tester dresses are sent to us as part of their preview collection for brides to try and tell us what they like and what they would change. Dresses also get a positive check if they are purchased. The dresses that are purchased the most are dresses that will most likely become part of their collection for their next season. 

So what are brides from the New England Area asking for now? What are the items that brides want to change about their dresses? Here are 7 trends we’re seeing from inside our brick and mortar: 


1. No plunging necklines: We’ve seen a lot of plunging necklines on the runway and in many of our designers collections, and what I find myself saying 85% of the time in an appointment is that the necklines can be raised or filled. Plunging necklines are certainly sexy and feminine and if you have that body why not rock what yo’ mama gave you? But there are some brides who don’t want to offend grandma and will opt for a modest upper half. What we haven’t seen for a long time but are seeing more of now are straight across necklines. And we’re loving it! 


High Neck Wedding Gown Bridal Gown Wedding Dress Bride.jpg

Photo Courtesy of AnnMarie Swift Photography 


2. Ivory or white gowns: Most brides come wedding dress shopping thinking that the majority of the gowns they’ll be seeing will be in white. Most of the time I have to tell brides up front that much of our closet is in other colors like champagne, nude, blush, etc. Brides are surprised by how much they love the colors against the lace which makes it pop, and others want to stay with a more traditional ivory or white. We are seeing more requests for a traditional ivory or white, and in response the store has started to stock some more ivory gowns or provide options to see the dress in other colors. 


Lace V-Neck Ivory Wedding Gown Bridal Gown Wedding Dress Bride.jpg

Photo Courtesy of Mountain Hearts Photography 


3. Veils, veils, and more veils: Gone are the days of the flower crown. Brides are opting for a veil and headpiece more than ever! Even overskirts and capes are making it into the store and in the wedding photos that brides send to us. Ask us what length? You guessed it, Long! With simple or elaborate gowns brides are opting for a long veil to either match the drama or add to it.  


Bridal Veil Blusher Wedding Veil Bride Bridal Gown Wedding Gown Wedding Dress.jpg

Photo Courtesy of Amy Donohue Photography 


4. Bridesmaid dresses and colors: I get this question a lot. Do a lot of bridesmaids get the same dress and same style? The answer to that is for a while, no. There are still a good number of bridal parties that will get different colors within the same palette and different styles to match each bridesmaids personality. Now we’re seeing a lot more textures becoming involved like velvet, and satin or mikado, or crepe. Muted colors like dusty lavender and slate have been popular colors. Now there are requests for jewel tone colors and rust colors like burnt orange and yellows. 


Bridesmaid Dresses Champagne Glitter Mismatched Bride Wedding Gown Wedding Dress Bridal Gown.jpg

Photo Courtesy of Emily MacCabe Photography 


5. Formal fabrics and styles with an edge: Many brides are requesting a clean look, fabrics that are elegant and timeless. Fabrics that many brides are liking include a lot of the satin-like fabrics like silk shantung, mikado, organza, some crepes, or Parisian silk chiffon. Many of these fabric colors are in, you guessed it, ivory. In addition to seeing more formal styles, brides want classic and timeless, but with a modern edge that makes it unique. Many brides are saying, ”I want something different. I don’t want to wear what I saw my friends wearing at their weddings.”  


Bridal Gown Wedding Gown Organza Formal Gown Wedding Dress Bow.jpg

Photo Courtesy of YTK Photography 


6. Winter accessories: There has been an increase of winter weddings and with that, an increase in winter accessories like fur stoles, and shawls, flannels, and all the warm things! We are seeing them for late fall as well as late winter! It adds to the drama of the dress and the landscape. Who wouldn’t want to wear and get photographs of a stunning fur stole outside with a mountain backdrop with the snow falling softly around you?  


Winter Wedding Winter Bride Wedding Gown Bridal Gown wedding Dress Knit Wrap.jpg

Photo Courtesy of YTK Photography 


7. Standout Groom: On our suit and tux side, we’re seeing something that makes total sense. The groom that stands out and wears something different than the rest of the groomsmen. It used to be that the groom would wear a different tie, jacket, or boutonnière. Now it could be a different color suit or a tux vs a suit, in addition to other elements to be really special. We’re seeing mauve groom with grey groomsmen, or a floral suit or tux. Killer! 


Mauve Suit Mauve Groom Groomsmen Grey Suits Standout Groom.jpg

Photo Courtesy of Chris Keeley Photography 


The best thing about all of these points is that you’re making the day uniquely yours in whatever way that is! Don’t be afraid to stand out and do something different while still holding on to some traditions if you want to.  

What are some things that you keep seeing? What are the things you want to see more of? We want to know! Feel free to leave comments below!