Different Wedding Formalities & What Bridal Gown to Wear

Different Wedding Formalities & What Bridal Gown to Wear

What do you envision when you imagine your wedding? Is an elegant, traditional ceremony what you're looking for, or would you prefer a fun, quirky party? When deciding which wedding style is right for you, it can be helpful to define "casual" and "formal" more clearly. Today we’re covering the different levels of wedding formalities to choose from and how our gowns can work for any of these!


The Casual Wedding

Weddings that are relaxed and laid-back throw many traditions out the window and embrace the beauty of everyday life. Couples may wear new outfits, but they won't wear full-length gowns and tuxedos. There is more emphasis on fun than perfection or elegance if there are flowers, cake, photography, and entertainment. The venue shines on its own without much decor, with a tasty buffet or creative food stations. A casual wedding is open to anyone who wants to wear whatever they like!

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The Semi-Formal Wedding

Semi-formal weddings typically feature brides wearing wedding gowns, grooms in suits or tuxes, and groomsmen in ties. At the event, guests may wear cocktail attire. Churches, outdoor settings, hotels, and historic villas can be used as venues. This type of wedding usually includes a ceremony followed by a catered reception, toasts, cake cutting, and dancing.

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The Formal Wedding

Formal weddings are ideal in historic churches, vineyards, private estates, or elegant venues. A fine tuxedo is worn by the groom, and a long wedding gown is worn by the bride. Evening gowns and tuxedos may also be worn by the guests. Formal weddings are characterized by classic traditions and meticulous planning. Reception dinners are likely to be plated and served by the venue's wait staff instead of a buffet. It would be impossible to capture the elegance and beauty of this once-in-a-lifetime event without live music, fine wine, and professional video and photography services.

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Ultimately, it’s up to you! 

Do you feel more confident about which type of wedding you want to have? If not, talk it over with your soon-to-be spouse, and perhaps a conversation about formality will clarify the plan for you. And if you’re unsure of what style of dress best suits your wedding, then talk about it with your bridal consultant here at Madeleine’s Daughter and they will guide you in the right direction!