Tips for the Entourage

ATTENTION BRIDES! This is the post you should send to your entourage- the people you intend to bring with you to your bridal gown shopping appointment. This video below has EVERYTHING they need to know about accompanying you on the most memorable shopping experience of your life!

Our store is a little different from most, and although it’s quite similar to what a lot of people have seen on the TV show “Say Yes to the Dress,” we’re still unique in quite a few ways. We have a way of doing things that makes it easy and stress-free for the bride, but also fun for her guests. But it’s good to know before you come exactly how things will run once you’re here!

So, please take a minute to watch this video to learn all about how to be the world’s best entourage for your bride-to-be friend!

If you have any questions about our store after watching this video, we hope you’ll call or email us to chat a little bit more. We get inquiries all the time from the friends and family of different brides and we are more than happy to help accommodate any situation you can think of! Just reach out!