This is our expert guideline for all of your wedding fashion!

Your personal stylist will help you do all of this here and keep you on track, but everyone likes a checklist...especially when there's so much to do!


9-12 months before your wedding

□  Book your bridal appointment.

□  Decide on your dress budget. This should be separate from accessories and alterations.

□  Shop for and buy your dress. They really do take up to 6 months to order!


6-9 months before your wedding

□  Book your finishing touches appointment...we have everything you need here to complete your look!

□  Book your bridesmaid dress appointment.

□  Decide on a bridesmaid dress style and/or color palate at your bridesmaid appointment.

□  Give your bridesmaids a deadline on when to place their dress orders. They should be ordered 5-6 months before the wedding.

□  Shop for and buy your accessories at your finishing touches appointment. They take up to 4 months to order and you will need them for your alterations, so it's a good idea to make sure everything is here when you come to pick up.

□  Book your mother's dress appointment, or at least start suggesting it to her...a lot of moms wait too long because they want to lose weight.


4-6 months before your wedding

□  Finalize your bridesmaid order and request a free color swatch if possible (not all designers offer them).

□  Have all of the mothers in the wedding party buy their dresses.

□  Research and select a seamstress to do your bridal alterations. We have a list of seamstresses we recommend if you need one.

□  Book your alteration appointments with your seamstress.

□  Book your tuxedo/suit appointment at Madeleine's Daughter Formal (right next door!).


3 months before your wedding

□  Pick up your dress and accessories.

□  Have your first fitting with your seamstress.

□  Decide on the suits or tuxedos the men will be wearing.

□  Give groomsmen a deadline on when to get their measurements to MD Formal. They should have them at least a month before the wedding.


2 months before your wedding

□  Have your second fitting with your seamstress.

□  Pick up and distribute your bridesmaid and mothers dresses. We can ship to them for an additional charge if that is easier.

□  Have bridesmaids and mothers set up and begin their alterations.


1 month before your wedding

□  Finalize your tuxedo order (make sure MD Formal has all the groomsmen's info).

□  Have your final fitting with your seamstress and schedule your pick up appointment.


Remember...everything can be done earlier than this if you want to eliminate as much stress as possible!