How To Know It’s Time to “Say Yes to the Dress”

When shopping for your bridal gown, you sort of know in the back of your mind that even though you’ve tried on a dozen (or a hundred) gowns, there are still SO MANY MORE out there! So, how do you really know when it’s ok to stop looking and “Say yes to the dress”? We recommend asking yourself these three simple questions:

1.)    Do you feel like a bride in this dress? It’s one thing to feel beautiful in a gown- after all, so many of the bridal gowns you’ll try on are really stunning and you’ll look incredible in them. But only your wedding gown will make you feel like a bride. It’s not a scientific thing that we can explain to you- it’s just a feeling. It’s an intense kind of feeling many times. It’s a feeling you’ve probably never felt before. It’s a feeling that leads us to question #2:

2.)    Can you picture yourself wearing it on your wedding day? Can you see yourself walking down the aisle, saying your vows, kissing your new spouse, dancing with them at the reception, etc. in this dress? Can you picture yourself in the dress through every moment of the day? If the answer to this and the first question is “yes,” then you’re ready for question #3:

3.)    If you were to continue shopping, would you really just be trying to find this gown? This one is tough, but crucial! For some reason, many brides feel the obligation to shop at multiple stores over several weekends or to go home and “sleep on it.” But the truth is that once you find your dream dress, you should give yourself permission to stop looking and start creating an amazing memory. If going to another shop and trying on other dresses only means constantly wishing you were in “the one,” then it’s ok to stop and say “Yes!” I mean, when your fiancé proposed, did you say, “Well, I need to keep looking just to make sure you’re the best”? No! You knew in your heart that they were “the one” and it’s the same for your bridal gown! Rather than falling asleep that night dreaming of coming back to buy your gown, why not live that dream out in the moment and then go celebrate!

Brides who shop with us are always amazed at how easy it is. The internet, crazy bridal shows on TV, and our culture overall has told us time and again that finding your bridal gown has to be a long, stressful process. We disagree and disagree strongly. In our experience, it’s as simple as 1… 2… 3! Let us prove it!

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Elizabeth DiromComment