Stylists in Training: New Dresses are in!!

One of the few things that we can always count on in the bridal industry is change. Pretty much everything is constantly changing for us- from the designers we carry to the gowns we have in the store to the most popular accessories of the moment- rarely do things stay the same for very long. Every six months, designers present their newest collections and we choose which ones to carry in the store. Since our bridal closet size is limited, we’ll sometimes sell samples to make room for new gowns. From week to week, our collection of gowns is constantly in flux.

So, how do our stylists keep up with this never-ending change to our inventory? Here’s how:

Emily, one of our senior stylists does an incredible job every single week researching each new gown that arrives in the store. Some dresses have lots of options, others just a few, but she makes sure to track down the details for each and every gown and then share that information with all the other bridal stylists. It’s a lot of keep track of, but they manage to make it look easy! And keeping all that info in our bridal library doesn’t hurt, either! That way we can always double check on custom changes, fabric options, pricing, etc. Because you never, since the last time we looked, it might have changed!