Meet the Growing MD Family

At Madeleine’s Daughter, we have a very seasoned staff- pretty much everyone has worked here for at least a few years, some as many as 18 or 19 years. It’s the kind of job that truly feels like a second family. In addition to all of us here, our little work “family” has grown over the years. In today’s blog post, we thought we’d give you a glimpse into exactly how much this family is growing and share some stories and photos of the cutest members in it!

First, let’s show off little Adalyn, daughter of stylist Erika:


Little Addie is a big fan of mangoes and dancing in place. And if someone else is willing to dance with her, she’ll do it all day! Maybe we’ve got an aspiring ballerina in our midst!

Some of you may remember some of the first teeny tiny additions to our MD Family including little Olive, daughter of stylist McKenzie:


Ollie is getting ready to start kindergarten, but also keeps busy tracking unicorns around the seacoast:

Who knew we had unicorns right nearby in Kittery?

On the other side are some more of the handsome boys in our little work fam- let’s start with Hudson and Arlo, sons of stylist Ashley. Here they are proving that the family that plays together, stays together:


These three along with dad, Chris are known to take family bike rides all throughout the seacoast. Hudson sets the pace, obvi. Arlo is sure to keep everyone entertained with his crazy antics.

And let’s not forget Brian, the wrestling superstar of his school and son to tuxedo stylist Shannon:


Brian is just like his mom- he has a HUGE heart and loves helping others. We’re all proud to have him in our Madeleine’s Daughter family!

The last guy in the bunch is our superstar, Marek, son of bridal stylist Brandie:


Although Marek has multiple disabilities that he handles like an absolute champ and with so much strength, he pretty much never stops smiling! And that smile is infectious!!! We can’t get enough of this handsome guy!!!

Rounding out the crew is our “tiny adult,” a.k.a. Andie, daughter of store manager Juhree. In true adult fashion, she is a connoisseur of goat cheese and not taking sass from anyone:


We absolutely adore all of the little ones in our growing MD family and can’t wait to see what kinds of amazing people they all grow up to be. We also can’t wait to see who the next employee will be who makes our family even bigger!