Fashion Academy: Wedding Gown Silhouettes

At first, shopping for a wedding gown feels a little overwhelming. After all, there are hundreds of wedding gown designers and thousands of dresses to choose from! BUT, the good news is that once you start trying on dresses, you actually narrow down what’s right for you pretty quickly. Our stylists take EVERYTHING into consideration- your budget, your wedding venue, the wedding date, the time of the ceremony, the overall vibe you’re going for- they consider all of this and more! Even those seemingly unrelated aspects can help narrow down your selection! But one key detail that our stylists hone in on right away is silhouette. If it’s your first time shopping, your stylist will most likely ask you to try on all four silhouettes, just for the experience and to discover how they feel on your body. You might be surprised by the direction you go after seeing all the silhouettes on your body. So keep an open mind when you’re trying gowns for the first time.

Here’s a brief explanation of the four types of gown silhouettes, breaking down what defines each silhouette. Hopefully this will give you a little understanding of the different types of gowns before you’ve even tried any on!

Of course, knowing the silhouette types is only the beginning. Trying them on is the next step, so why not book your appointment today? We’d love to help you find your dream dress!