3 Reasons to Buy a Sample Wedding Dress

Here at Madeleine’s Daughter, we sell gowns to brides based on the sample they see here in the store, which means that 90% of the time, the brides here order a new gown, often in a different size or color from our sample. The sample is there to try on, but the majority of brides order new.

 So, what would be some good reasons to consider buying a sample instead of ordering a new gown? This whole idea can be a bit confusing, so let’s break it down for you.



Designers set the prices on gowns, not the store where it’s sold. And, they have strict rules about how much stores are allowed to discount their designs. So, if a bride has a budget of $1,000, but she’s in LOVE with a gown that’s over her budget, the best way for her to get that dream dress is to buy the sample at a large discount. Samples are discounted anywhere from 20%-70% off, depending on the style, how long it’s been in the shop, the overall condition of the dress, etc.



Not everyone takes a whole year (or more) to plan a wedding. In fact, lots of couples want much shorter engagements- 6 months or even less! Since brand new bridal gowns often take 5-6 months to come in once ordered, a sample is a great way around that little headache when you want to have a shorter engagement.



Whether the sample fits you perfectly, or needs some minor tweaking like adjusting the straps or taking in the bust, you’ll know from the get-go what you’re in for where alterations are concerned. Most brides have to wait until their size dress comes in to even begin to think about what alterations are needed, but brides who purchase a sample, not only leave with the dress, they leave with peace of mind!

Of course, there can be cons to buying a sample- it may be a little shop-worn, or even damaged. It has been tried on by several other brides, and that bothers some people, but at the end of the day, the benefits far outweigh anything negative. So, no matter your budget, if you are even remotely close to sample size, let your stylist know that you’re open to a sample because it might open up an opportunity you might not have otherwise!