Salon Style: Casi


Name: Cassandra Beth DeSarro


But my friends call me: Casi, Cas, Cas Cas, Angel baby, etc.


When did you start working at MD?

June 2014


Describe your personal style in one sentence:

Simple, yet bold & badass.


Who are you style icons?

Olivia Culpo! EVERY single thing she wears, I wish I own too! I drool over her Instagram (@oliviaculpo) on the daily.


Which accessory can you not leave home without?

Rings. At least three. But usually more. I feel naked without them. I love accessories (HEART EYES!) they can seriously change a whole outfit, which is why I tend to dress slightly simpler - so I can jazz it all up in my own way!


What makes you feel the most confident?

I feel the most confident when I'm rocking an awesome lipstick (I've been into darker neutral and browns lately - "Hudson" by Anastasia stays on all day & feels so so good on the lips). Also - if I have a pair of heels, even if not super tall - that gives me even more confidence! It's all about posture, people!


Which emerging trend are you living for right now?

As far as trends go...Everything 90s. Chokers and bright colors make me happy. Yesterday my friend looked at me and told me I look like I should be living in 1995. OK BYEEE, bring me a time machine!


What is your go-to store for when you need a cute outfit in a pinch?

My go-to is definitely a fitted pair of jeans, cute simple color block tank & a sporty jacket over (if needed). I'll probably throw on a fun necklace or some bold earrings. And rings, duh.


What is the soundtrack of your life:

I love music SO MUCH so this is the toughest question. I think Taylor Swift is the soundtrack of my life. The song "Change" by TS has always been a good one that I listen to when I am not feeling feels really good and hopeful:


"...Because these things will change

Can you feel it now?

These walls that they put up to hold us back will fall down

This revolution, the time will come

For us to finally win

And we’ll sing hallelujah, we’ll sing hallelujah..."

And her new Reputation album though! I've listened to it more times than it's probably healthy. Basically, everything TAY TAY is OKAYKAY with me! :P


Where can we find you on your day off:

I'm also an instructor at Pure Barre Portsmouth and it's right up the road! So I'll be there teaching or taking classes. I love to run, as well - so you can find me on the streets of Portsmouth, too! Give me a honk ;)


Favorite Portsmouth restaurant and what you order… ready.. GO:

You can usually find me eating barbecue nachos at Poco's. Get the personal size - it's HUGE! So mouth-watering! (drool)


What is your favorite part about your job:

I love helping other women feel beautiful in their own skin. A garment will change a person's whole demeanor and when we nail it - it's quite magical. I have been telling my brides lately that there is, in fact, magic that is here at Madeleine's Daughter. It's seriously a MAGICAL place and I couldn't be more proud to be a stylist here! :)