How to Create Your Own Wedding Hashtag

Let’s face it- everyone wants their wedding to be unique and modern. No one sits down to plan a wedding and thinks, “I’d really like this day to feel totally dated and cookie-cutter.” So, couples are finding all sorts of fun and interesting ways to make their day stand out. One really fun detail that seems to have caught on in the last couple of years is the wedding hashtag.

A wedding hashtag is awesome for a couple of reasons. First, it’s a cute little way to add a touch of your personalities to any wedding-related social media post before, during and after the wedding. Second, it’s an awesome way to find photos from the wedding day that your friends and family may have posted. You just search your hashtag and voila! There they all are!

But how do you make the hashtag to begin with? Here are our tips and tricks for making a totally unique, super cute wedding hashtag!

1. Start with your names. This may seem obvious (and it is), but the unique combination of your names make it easy for friends and family to remember. Think not only of the obvious first name combinations (#brangelina), but also of how your last names and even nick names might mesh. Add something wedding-related to it, especially if your names are fairly common, like wedding-related phrases. Think: tie-the-knot, get-hitched, newlywed, kiss-and-tell, etc.

Here are some examples for our fictitious couple “Jane Grey” and “Jack Black”:






2. Get punny with the names. First name, last name, nick name- it hardly matters if there is a fun pun you can use to have a fun twist on your names. Getting back to our fictitious couple Jane and Jack, and assuming that Jane is planning to take Jack’s last name after the wedding, their hashtag could be one of these:


It’s current, it’s cute and if the couple is a fan of OITNB, it’s even more apropos, right? Which brings me to my next piece of advice:


3. Think of your mutual interests and try to incorporate one of them. Maybe they’re both Beyoncé fans:


Or maybe they’re obsessed with Game of Thrones:


Sports fanatics?




Whatever you’re into, see if you can incorporate it! It will make your hashtag more unique, but also more personal! Maybe you have a really unique theme for your wedding that would translate perfectly into a hashtag- don’t hesitate to use it!

Finally, a couple of technical tips to keep in mind:

  1. Capitalize the first letter of each word. It makes it easier to read so people will know what it says SO much easier and you’ll avoid a lot of confusion.

    #ThisIsEasyToRead #thisisnoteasytoread

  2. Help others avoid misspellings- if one of you has a really long name or a name that’s difficult to spell, beware. Try using a nickname instead of a hard-to-spell given name.

  3. Search the hashtag. Google it, search it on Instagram, on any platform where it may be used. If it already exists, you’ll want to consider tweaking it a bit to make it more unique. Otherwise someone else’s posts could end up mixed in with your wedding posts. OR you may learn that one of the words or names you used in the hashtag actually translates to something obscene or totally random that also happens to trend regularly like the name of some fabulous dish at a famous restaurant? My point is simple: try to make your hashtag unique to avoid it getting mixed up with another person’s.

  4. Spread the word. Start using your hashtag as soon after you are engaged as possible. This will help friends and family get used to it and possibly start using it themselves in the days leading up to the wedding. Speaking of the wedding…

  5. Make sure you have signage letting people know what the hashtag is and that you want them to use it!

Some of our own brides have come up with some really clever, creative hashtags and we think they’ll help inspire you to create your own. Our bridal stylist Kristin was having trouble coming up with a hashtag, but then her fiancé Matt had a great idea. His last name was the inspiration:


Our assistant store manager Renée happened upon hers while shopping for a cake topper. She saw a lot of toppers that said “Happily Ever After.” Her fiance’s name was also part of the inspiration as it rhymed perfectly with “Happily” and so she just replaced “Happily” with his name:


One of our brides, Liz is going to be taking her fiance’s name, Pardo. Their hashtag is totes adorbs:


Get it? Like, “It’s Party Time!” So cute!

Another of our brides came up with this clever hashtag that we’re totally in love with:


Like, what’s better than Cloud Nine? Cloud Nasuti!

And then there’s Corie who went the rhyming route with her fiancé for their hashtag:


Of course, rhyming isn’t always easy, so why not try a little creative spelling and alliteration? It works for our bride Molly and her fiancé:


Do you have a clever hashtag for your wedding? Share it with us- we’d love to know what it is and how you came up with it!